Reversing 7 Day Fixed Candle is to send the nasty tricks and hexes your enemy has thrown at you BACK AT HIM. Reversing 7 Day Fixed Candle turns their hateful magic right back at them, giving them a taste of their own medicine. This candle is a “return to sender” candle. It isn’t about attacking the other person, but if a person is sending negativity your way, laying tricks and throwing hexes at you, this candle will send it right back to them without it affecting you. If you know a particular person who’s sending you negativity, you may print a picture of the person with name and birthday (if you know it) written on the back of the picture and burn the candle on top of the person’s picture.

We will dress and bless your Reversing 7 Day Fixed Candle with oils, herbs, minerals, and intention prayer.

Each Candle is custom made and takes time to prepare. We do not mass produce so by nature it may take a few extra days to prepare.