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Rose Hips Herb

Rose Hips Herb

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Rose Hip Magical Uses: Bundle crushed rose hips in a cheesecloth and add to your bath, soak and visualize all the stresses of the day leave you. Consecrate and charge your rose hips to radiate loving energy in your home, place around the home in crystal bowls for the energy to fill your space. To honor the Goddess Venus, place rose hips in a bowl upon your altar. Believed to bring in good luck and call in good spirits.

      • gender: Feminine
      • planet: Jupiter
      • element: Water
      • deities: Venus, Hulda, Demeter, Isis, Eros, Aphrodite

      You will receive a 1-ounce in a clear sealed bag.

      ***Sold as a curio only. Results not guaranteed.***



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