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Saint Expedite 7 Day Fixed Candle

Saint Expedite 7 Day Fixed Candle

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Saint Expedite 7 Day Fixed Candle comes dressed and loaded with therapeutic grade essential and condition oils, organic herbs, quality roots, and authentic curios. The candle color is red to match Saint Expedite. We made sure to allow room to write on the glass where you can inscribe with a marker (example: Name, Date of Birth, and/or Petition).

Saint Expedite is the patron saint of those who hope for rapid solutions to problems, who wish to avoid or put an end to delays, and who want general financial success. His aid is also sought by those who wish to overcome procrastination as a personal bad habit. Saint Expedite is also the patron of shop-keepers and sailors. His feast day is April 19.

Saint Expedite is usually depicted as a young Roman centurion holding aloft a cross marked HODIE ("today" in Latin) and stepping on a crow beneath his right foot. Out of the dying crow's mouth issues a word-ribbon, CRAS ("tomorrow" in Latin). Thus Saint Expedite destroys a vague tomorrow in favor of a definite today. The crow says: CRAS CRAS CRAS and is how Romans imitate the sound of crows (in English, this is CAW CAW CAW), thus crows and ravens are said to always be croaking about "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow." Saint Expedite, by stomping the crow, destroys the vice of procrastination (pro-CRAS-tination means putting things off until tomorrow).

Do not leave things burning unsupervised. Make sure to use a heat resistant container or surface for safety.

You will receive 1 candle.

***Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.***



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