Santa Muerte Oil was created to honor and pray to the Beloved Santa Muerte. She is the sacred figure of “Holy Death.”   Santa Muerte is traditionally prayed to over a period of nine days. She is represented by many different colors and each color has its own magical intention, please see below.

Don’t underestimate the power of Santa Muerte. She is a powerful spirit that can bring fast relief and help to those who venerate her. She is also known for her ability to bring justice to those that have done harm.

Santa Muerte Oil Uses:

  • Gold: money, business success, abundance
  • Yellow: fast help or to solve problems quickly
  • Blue: career, employment, wisdom
  • Amber: addictions
  • Green: legal problems and justice
  • Black: strength, power, justice
  • Brown: difficult problems, purification
  • Red: love, passion, control
  • Purple: spirituality, personal growth, open doors
  • White: protection, blessings
  • Bone: healing, harmony, peace

Santa Muerte Offering Ideas:

Her favorite offerings are cigarettes, rum, baked goods such as cakes, cookies or sweetened bread. She is also fond of candy, fresh flowers and always leave out a fresh bowl of water for her. You may either choose to work with a small statue of Santa Muerte or you may simply print out an image of her and place it on your altar.