Shut Your Mouth Oil is known for its ability to put an end to gossip and/or slander that may be causing you problems. It’s also believed to halt any back-stabbing or misrepresentations that may be affecting your well-being or social status. Shut Your Mouth Oil is perfect for stopping gossip, preventing others from speaking ill about your, or stopping someone from communicating plans against you.

Shut Your Mouth Oil Uses:

  • Stop gossip or libel against you
  • Make liars' words turn against them
  • Protect you from gossipers

Shut Your Mouth Spell Ideas:

Is someone speaking ill about you in the work place? Dress their keyboard or phone with Shut Your Mouth Oil. When they touch the keyboard or phone your magic will affect them and make them stop talking about you. Put a few drops of Shut Your Mouth Oil in the laundry to get family members to stop talking your business. Take a black skull candle, carve open its mouth and stuff it with slippery elm. Wrap black thread around the head and its mouth to "gag" it. Dress a black candle in Shut Your Mouth Oil and burn it on top of photos of your enemy to turn their lies back against them.