Uncrossing Incense is used to remove negative energy, crossed conditions, bad mojo of any kind, protect someone from the evil eye, and can reverse any type of harmful ritual, hex, curse, etc. Uncrossing Incense has the ability to rid someone of bad, negative, or malevolent energies. It is often used before any type of ritual work because it clears away blockage and obstacles. This applies to any type of work that focuses on love matters, money issues or overall protection. 

Uncrossing Incense Uses:

  • Removes Curses and Breaks Jinxes
  • Banishing and Clearing Out Evil
  • Cleanses Negativity

Uncrossing Spell Ideas:

Use Uncrossing Oil on double-action black/white jumbo candles to absorb any negativity and destroy evil curses. Add Uncrossing Oil to a magical bath to remove negativity from your aura, or pour it upon any powders scattered in your path that may be cursing, hot foot or other powders. Uncrossing Oil will neutralize those evil powders so that you can safely clean them up.

This is for one ounce in a clear sealed bag.

 ***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***