Vetiver Root Magical Uses:  Used for hundreds of years in India and Asia, Vetiver Root is a strong grounding and centering herb. It grows a thick tangle of long roots that reach deep into the Earth. Considered an herb of tranquility, Vetiver Root relaxes, comforts, soothes, and uplifts the mood as it helps you maintain calm emotions. When burned, this root produces an earthy, sweet fragrance that is known to bring protection, good luck, and prosperity. You can place Vetiver Root around the base of a candle, or burn on its own as incense. 

  • gender:  feminine
  • element:  earth
  • planet:  Earth
  • deities:  Hermes/Mercury, Hera

You will receive one ounce in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio only.  Results not guaranteed.***