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Yellow Dock Root

Yellow Dock Root

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Yellow Dock Magical UsesYellow Dock is a very lucky herb. It can draw in money, success, business, and sometimes even love. This herb is great for any business owner, or for anyone embarking on a new business venture. Yellow Dock may be used to clear blockages and cut binding ties that prevent one from moving on. It can help eliminate emotional waste that accumulates as garbage and is lugged around as a burden. It helps one deal with and release emotions tied to problems of the past, anxieties, and old pain. Yellow Dock can help open the practitioner to new influences and clears the boundaries between inner and outer space. It is a good herb for periods of transition and transformation at the cusp of a new phase in life.

  • gender: Masculine
  • element: Air
  • planet: Jupiter
  • deities: Morrighan, Astarte, Isis, Luna, Hecate

You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

***Sold as a curio only. Results are not guaranteed.***



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