Anise Seeds


Magical attributes: Deals with inner personal issues related to lack of fulfillment. Helps one to become more open to happiness and enjoy the company of others. Put in dream pillows to protect from nightmares. Brings protection when astral traveling. Include anise in handfasting and wedding cakes. Gender: MasculinePlanet: JupiterElement: AirDeities: Apollo, Mercury You will receive a 1-ounce bag of Anise Seeds in a...



Asafoetida is also known as Devil's Dung and the aroma of it definitely stands true to the name.

Balm of Gilead Buds


Balm of Gilead Buds - love, protection, healing and manifestations. Carry the buds to mend a broken heart, or to attract a new love. Can also be carried for protection and healing. You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

Barberry Root


Barberry Root is used to block your enemies from harming you.  You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.



Basil is for money and success, a happy family, and a peaceful home; to drive away the Evil Eye. You will receive 1 ounce in a clear sealed bag.

Bay Leaves


Magical attributes: Write wishes on the leaves and then burn the leaves to make the wishes come true.  Place under the pillow (or use in dream pillow) to induce prophetic dreams.  Place in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there.  Carry bay leaf to protect yourself against black magick or other misfortunes. Bay...