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Anubis Oil - Egyptian God of the Dead

Anubis Oil - Egyptian God of the Dead

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Anubis was the Egyptian deity of cemeteries and embalming as well as the protector of graves. As with any other culture or religion around the world, the Egyptians believed in paying respect to their dead. Therefore, they conducted elaborate ceremonies and mummification processes to help the deceased pass smoothly into the Afterlife. Anubis was the deity who played an important role in this journey. Depicted with the blackhead of a jackal, Anubis helped mummify Egyptians when they died. Black represented the fertile soil of the Nile that was needed to grow yearly crops, so the Egyptians believed that the color black symbolized good fortune and rebirth. Anubis is a major part of the transition from life to death and back to life again.

This oil was created to connect directly with Anubis and to work with him. You will build. Aids in a stronger connection with Anubis. 

**Sold as a curio. Results are not guaranteed.***



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